Friday, December 19, 2008

Um, Okay. Wait--What?

This was in one of the inboxes that I manage for my employer, a religious organization (so you see why I was duped into opening it. Not that I wouldn't have anyhow). The sender was listed as, which I must say was a red flag. But still:
    From: "Tena Bertran"
    To: |||||||||||||||||||||||||
    Subject: Chriistmas night
    Date: Unknown date

    Girls will drop underwear foor you!
    More information HERE

    Be thou happy. If this brahmana be desirous of personified,
    and the other that i was afraid that may do to them by tossing
    them too much. 1569. Would not have people think that i
    was insensible late editor has done well to combine them.
Frankly, I have no idea where I might even begin to comment on this. Or how. Or, I guess, why...

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