Monday, July 20, 2009

A Generation Ignored!

A line from a post in an online forum that I monitor (but seldom participate in) for my work:
    Furthermore, I think the constant exposure to the kind of sex we see on TV and in advertising contributes to unhealthy sexual behaviors (i.e., promiscuity), especially among the young.
Which causes me to wonder: Why does our society seem so callously unconcerned about the problem of promiscuity among the old?

A quick Google search (my current lost cause is to resist using "Google" as a verb) turns up any number of hits in re promiscuity among the younger set--"Record rise in sexual diseases among promiscuous young adults"; "Lower drinking age pushes promiscuity"; "Promiscuity Among Teens Often Due to Sexual Abuse"; and a couple that sound really interesting: "Sexual Promiscuity -- A National Plague" and "Westminster Exorcist Says Promiscuity can Lead to Demonic Possession"--but scant reference to anything having to do with the old.

This, friends, is the shame of our modern society.