Saturday, September 01, 2012

And Good Luck with That!

A couple of recent items that gave me pause, then gave me a laugh.

First up, a little bit of a challenge signing up for a newsletter. I dislike these Captcha things anyhow, because it always seems I need to try three of them before I correctly guess at the distorted letters and numbers. But this time I know it wasn't my fault!

And, yeah, it took three attempts before I finally got a screen that displayed letters that actually could be read. Hope the bots had better luck. Meanwhile, here was a fun offer from Lone Star Steakhouse, good for One Week Only. A "week," in this case, apparently being only five days. Beginning on Wednesday.

It could always be worse, of course. More than once I have come in from the (physical) mailbox holding ad fliers that have already expired. And I am reminded of a certain fulfillment house, many years ago now, whose aim in life seemed to be to make sure not to fulfill whatever rebate, "free gift," or other come-on accompanied one's purchase of a given product. Invariably, one would receive a form letter indicating that one had someone not quite met all of the requirements--even when one clearly had done so--but encouraging one to try again. Even though the expiration date had just passed, darn it anyway. After awhile, one simply gave up if one saw that the proof-of-purchase was to be sent to that particular address. Which, I strongly suspect, was the point. But then it's been years since I've seen that outfit's address on any kind of mail-in form, so it's possible that they--and the companies that hired them--outsmarted themselves.

It's a pleasant thought.