Monday, March 27, 2006


Last weekend I was interviewed by Donald Carr of the South Dakota Democratic Party for their podcast, Dakota Blues. Pretty fun--although, from my end, it was no different than being interviewed for anything else. We talked about my illustrious career, living in the Mount Rushmore State, and the recently ended debacle that is the 2006 legislative session. This makes me the first kid on my block to be it what you will.

I was amused to note, when the podcast went up, that the party used a 20+ year-old picture of me, from the dustjacket of my first book. I imagine they either scanned it from that or swiped it from the Nebraska Center for Writers at my alma mater, Creighton University. I didn't even know the site was there; who knows how they found it, though one suspects Google must have been involved. Anyhow, I sent them a more recent photo--less hair, alas, and a somewhat lighter shade. Here are the photos in question. I leave it to you to guess their chronology: