Monday, September 29, 2008

Oak Tree vs the Pyramid

This from Free Range Apes the other day:

election 2008: the oak tree v the pyramid: time for a change

It seems to me, in this climactic electoral year, that we are clearly faced with a simple choice.

Do we choose the oak tree, or do we choose the pyramid?

Let us compare the characteristics of each so that we can make an informed decision:

The fecund oak adapts to and innovates in the face of ever changing circumstance, the pyramid, sterile, frozen, remains defiant and unbending, as it slowly decays.

The oak tree embraces reality, the pyramid denies.

The pyramid does not learn. It is simple minded, monolithic and mundane.

The oak tree is the unfolding of nature, and the pyramid is carved from the mind of man.

In the oak tree energy organically flows from the bottom up, whereas the pyramid is all about the top down imposition of control.

The oak tree is life, the pyramid is death.

In which of these two worlds do you wish to live?

The logic of the pyramid is a memetic cancer. It is a simple program that leads the single cell to act selfishly, as it’s desires are more important than the whole. The fundamental flaw in this belief, and that which leads it to self destruction, is that the individual cannot survive in a vacuum. We are each a part of the interrelated web of life, the more than human whole.

And following the logic of the pyramid, trust will eventually be lost amongst the collaborators, as the logical progression of the system unfolds, and the inevitable outcome of the actions becomes apparent.

Pyramids are not sustainable.

The logic behind them will inevitably lead to disintegration.

So my choice is the oak. In the evolutionary sense it appears to be a winning strategy. Losing strategies, in nature, after all, do tend to get culled pretty quickly in evolutionary time.

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