Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back to the Polls!

Today is yet another election day in my fair city, this one the inevitable runoff election for mayor. I hit the polls at about the same time of day as a couple of weeks ago--about 8:15--and was voter #60 as opposed to #40 or 42 last time. Maybe voter turnout will be merely abysmal rather than execrable? Too soon to say.

I did note, as something of a follow-up to my April 13 post, Trying to Be a Good Citizen!, that even though the city did not feel inclined to correct the error in my precinct's polling-place address in time for the general election, it did at some point these last three weeks make the fix and properly identify Longfellow School as being on Fourth Avenue instead of clear across town on Fourth Street. Better late than never.

Makes a guy wonder, though: Was the higher number of people having voted in the first hour of polling due to the public's increased interest in the outcome of the election, or did 20 people end up lost last time because the street was wrong in the voters' guide? We'll never know.

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