Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Neighbors

I shared this earlier with a comrade:

I am informed that a couple-hundred non-hetero couples in Iowa took out marriage certificates yesterday--I am under the impression that some were in fact married--and yet, from next door here, little seems to have changed. I spent some considerable time on the roof of my house, scanning the eastern sky with my binoculars, but failed to observe any of the following:

Bolts of lightning from the sky
Fire raining down from the sky
Frogs, locusts, etc., from the sky
Sky itself falling from the sky

Nor have there been any reports of earthquakes, ground opening up to swallow hapless county clerks, or cloven-hoofed creatures cavorting down the streets of Davenport, although I am given to understand that some hogs got loose for awhile at the yards in Sioux City, which may be a portent of something. All in all, pretty quiet over there, from what I can tell. Must be a big disappointment to some. I know I was counting on free fireworks.

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