Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The End of the Local Rag?

South Dakota Watch has this item today:
    Apparently the rumor going around the Sioux Falls Argus Leader is that unless they get things turned around, the Argus will be a passed paper by the end of the year.
    Who will we bloggers be able to mock and ridicule if this sad day comes? Busting KDLT's small balls just isn't the same fun.
    And as my wife said this weekend as she picked up the new, slimmer, less content-ladened Argus, "What is this, a high school newspaper?!"

As I commented there, the arrival of every invoice from the local rag (for I have no interest in letting them into my bank account, thanks all the same) prompts either me or my wife to wonder aloud if this is the time we just let it go.

One of these times we're apt to just pull the plug. Unless they beat us to it.

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