Sunday, March 08, 2009

Where Are My Friends Going?

I'm growing increasingly worried about my Facebook friends.

They seem to be disappearing.

This happens all the time now: The little indicator in the corner of my screen says I have, say, eight "online friends." Sounds good. I click on it and the little window pops up ostensibly to display my eight "online friends" and their chat status. But wait! The little window pops up to a couple of inches in height, then immediately shrinks down to an inch or so, and both it and the indicator now aver that I have, say, five "online friends."

What has happened to those three missing "online friends"??

Is anybody looking for them? Can I be the only one who's noticed their disappearance?

Or is someone systematically "disappearing" anyone who notices the disappearances of all these "online friends"?

In which case it's entirely possible that I am in grave dange--

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