Tuesday, August 26, 2008

English, or Something, as Official Language

This is hilarious! It's a compilation of images pulled together by kyledeb at Citizen Orange.
5 English Lessons From the Anti-Immigrant Movement

Any nativist will tell you that polls show 1,000% of 'Mericans support speaking only English in the United States of America. It doesn't matter if the U.S. can't even understand the languages of the countries it goes to war with (you don't need to understand people to shoot at them). If people can't speak English like they're supposed to, they're not real 'Mericans.

Using this iron-clad logic, I thought I'd compile a list of five English lessons for those that want to learn to how to be a real 'Merican and speak English.

1. Make English America's Offical Language

This is America and Our Only Lanaguage is English.

3. No Mas[!] Illegal Alliens 'R' Fugitives From Justice[!] Go Home[!]

4. We're Not Ra$cists, Your Are Illegal.

5. Get a Brain Morans[!]...Go USA[!]

In conclusion, English is America's Offical Lanaguage! Your 'R' Ra$cist Allien Morans!

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kyledeb said...

Thanks for linking to Citizen Orange. Feel free to email me at kyle at citizen orange if you want to help take the internet back from nativism.