Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Despite Media Narrative, Obama Leads By Over 100 electoral votes

Mark Nickolas in The Huffington Post:

I realize that it cuts against the media narrative right now to focus on anything that doesn't suggest a dead-heat, but it's quite instructive to see how the independent groups (and even right-leaning ones) currently see the state of the race through the only prism that matters -- the Electoral College:

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Nikolas has this insight as well:

  • In Michigan, McCain had not led in any poll since May;
  • In Pennsylvania, McCain has not led in any poll April, and a Republican poll released last week showed McCain trailing by 9, in line with the current Pollster.com average;
  • In New Hampshire, McCain has not led in any poll since April;
  • In Minnesota, while one recent poll showed McCain within the margin of error, no other poll in the past month (including one poll taken more recently) has him within 12 points.
Of course, it could be that Nikolas is all wet, too. Time, as is its habit, will tell.

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