Thursday, July 10, 2008

Leaving Us to Wonder What "Scheduled" Means

I have as yet been unable to access the reconstructed .Mac website, now known as MobileMe. Which is an even dopier name than dot-Mac was. Trying to access my dot-Mac account produces this:
That "scheduled maintenance" part slays me: So Apple planned to have both the old and the new service unavailable on the big roll-out day?!

Some users have reported being able to log in, only to be booted out in short order; others have reported being able to access some but not all of the services. Me, I only see this when I visit the MobileMe website, whose address is (see above in re dopiness):

It's a little sadistic to allow us to check out the swell features MobileMe promises without our being able to actually log in and use them, no?

Meanwhile, my e-mail--which is mostly what I use for--seems to be working, albeit pokily.

The best-laid plans, I guess...

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