Monday, June 25, 2007

"Great" Spam!

I have begun collecting the "best" spam subject lines that land in my various mailboxes. What are the criteria? Mostly, a good mangling of standard English will do. Having not the vaguest idea what they're trying to communicate helps, too, but it isn't a requirement. General weirdness is the main thing.

For your entertainment I present them here as they came to me, "sender" first, followed by subject line. The "sender" notwithstanding, some of them appear to have been written by Yoda.

Leta Hill That those cadwell

Augusta Grant bigger d1ck in 2 weeks grew

Roslyn Mccall Don't let your x-life suffer sfilra

Wilma English Get A Bigger Today! dearie

Collectibles Today It's a Draw! John Wayne wall decor art first

Tony Must Have apothecary we acclaim: unusual markdown.

Mamie Davidson gzk Gain Up to 4+ gaixc

Lula Oconnor It till buena

Hot Sexy Christian Singles »-(¯`v´¯)-» View Single Christians Photos »-(¯`v´¯)-»
(do not the words “hot,” “sexy,” “Christian,” and “singles”—arranged in that order—not strike you as peculiar?

Lesa Taylor But sadism do bare

Elnora Ritter Become A New Man -Max-Xl grown jar

advanced my vdirt

Bridget hormone dtitled

Jesus disheveled and then and since the roles of the offering was firm but how would b...

inside Jarrett A he most

Geneva Bailey bijouterie crouch derelict

fort at delivery For caffeine Studies in humans have not shown that allocation

Ashley Novak basilar cowherd agricola

Ladonna Olson in from sanitary

Headache ranch enforceable

Guy N.Lillian cone wring

Jacob Against simple and you're playing with; his desk as the tight: smile. Pirenne's ...

Micah Brooks Be eveleth because guadalupita

Jeff automatically, and out here, too old gweat achievement, This?

Deidre Phelps Not mahoney at coulomb

Charles Alexander Yes. Which Mallow, found ourselves, a Smyrnian jacket for its

Roslyn Shields As who collar

Terra Hogan FW : my Pen1s is bigger than aghast ?

Janice Griggs weatherbeaten acrimony permitted ;

Chrystal Buckner wow, Monica was shocked beakrebi

Dolly Otero ceremonial astigmatism procession

Leigh Woods the rocket kent

Pearl Harper fckb Don't cut yourself short... szyps

(eventually I shall write a book with a character named Pearl Harper)

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