Friday, April 20, 2007

Here Is the News

If this turns into another tragedy I'll feel bad about making fun of it. But until then...

This on at about 4:55 p.m. CDT today:

HOUSTON, Texas (CNN) -- NASA evacuated a building at the Johnson Space Center in Houston after an employee with a gun was seen and a shot was fired, a NASA spokesman said Friday.

And once again we see the folly of NOT HAVING ENOUGH GUNS OUT THERE! (Sarcasm alert. See my mad rant from yesterday. Why, if all NASA employees were packing heat as God intended, they could have simply taken their fellow employee out of the picture as soon as anyone noticed he had a gun! Of course, one or two innocent shooters might get caught in the crossfire, if everybody starts shooting at once, but no one said there would be no danger involved. And, of course, you'd have to hope that your fellow employee was in fact carrying a weapon and not, say, a bundle of curtain rods, but, again, it's a dangerous world.

The man with the gun is white, slim in build, about 5 feet 9 inches, 50 to 52 years old and has blond hair, police said. He is clean shaven, wearing glasses and a blue-grey shirt with grey or blue jeans.

Okay, I'm lost. Am I to assume that, even though this guy has been identified previously as a NASA employee, no one knows his name? Maybe that's what he's ballistic about. Or is CNN assuming, wrongly, that his name is not significant? Or are the authorities withholding his which case, why not say so?

NASA spokesman James Hartfield said all of the employees that would have been in that building have been evacuated.

Wouldn't have to do that if all of the employees in Building 44 at the Johnson Space Center were heavily armed, as God (see above re) and the Second Amendment intended.

There is "extremely tight security" at Johnson Space Center, Hartfield said.

Mr. Hartfield strikes me as a master of understatement.

A NASA spokesperson told CNN that all employees have been told to go home for the day.

That would, I presume, include the employee with the gun. Problem solved.

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